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"A beautifully rich tone in the contralto tradition." D Magazine

with Tamas Kosoczki, organ,
Majestic Sounds Organ Concerts, Siofok, Hungary, 2020

with Soli Deo Gloria Orchestra, Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford, Christmas Eve, 2021

with Rebecca Patterson, cello, Ezequiel Menendez, organ,
Cathedral of St Joseph, Hartford, 2021

with Louise Fauteux, soprano, Oswaldo Iraheta, tenor Steve Fredericks, bass, Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, 2021

with Louise Fauteux, soprano, Alan Conway, piano, Chris Shepard, conductor, CONCORA
South Congregational Church, New Britain, CT, 2019

with Teresa Castillo, soprano, Andrew Smith, violin, Kristi Shade, harp, Aymeric Dupre La Tour, organ,

Enchanted Christmas Concert 

St Mary Roman Catholic Church, Norwalk, CT, 2021

Handel - Dietro l'orme fugaci..Solamente Naturali, Rita Papp - harpsichord
00:00 / 07:38

with Ezequiel Menendez, organ
Cathedral of St Joseph, Hartford, 2020

Bartok: Az agyam hivogat (My Bed is Calling) Justyna Chesy - piano
00:00 / 04:34
Handel_ Where shall I fly from HerculMatti Hirvonen - piano
00:00 / 06:00
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